Seeking the Truth from Digital Evidence

Armed with the latest technologies and talented, multi-disciplinary staff, our computer forensics team is well qualified to assist with your digital forensics, investigations, and electronic discovery needs.

Use Cases

Network Intrusion and Data Breach

Businesses, governments and individuals alike can experience huge complications from having sensitive information exposed. Whether you are offline or online, hackers can get to you through the internet, Bluetooth, text messages, or online services that you use.

State-sponsored Cyber-attacks

State-sponsored cyber-attacks include cyber espionage, the attack of critical digital infrastructures and companies, spreading disinformation and testing the readiness or capabilities of adversaries. We can perform Digital Forensics to generate analysis reports that provide actionable strategic feedback.

Theft and Misuse of Intellectual Property

The ability to identify exfiltration improves your legal posture. With states and courts limiting the enforceability of non-compete clauses, it's harder than ever to prevent your IP from reaching a competitor unless you can detect the theft or misuse of your organization’s intellectual property.

Cyber Espionage Activity

The ongoing growth and sophistication of cyber-attacks and cyber spies has enabled them to bypass many standard cyber security products. With our Digital Forensics, defending against these attacks is not a lost cause.

Inside Threats and Threat Actors

It is not uncommon for a threat actor to convince employees and / or contractors to share or sell information that grants access to the system to unauthorized users. Detect and prevent such activity before it occurs, helping you maintain a secure digital security perimeter.

Online Banking Theft and E-Commerce Fraud

Fraudsters are without a doubt clever. However, they often leave digital tracks. Knowing how to spot them is a powerful weapon in the fight against fraud such as payment fraud, friendly fraud, clean fraud, affiliate fraud, triangulation fraud and much more.

Malicious Code Distribution

Malicious code is a broad term that encompasses viruses, worms and trojans. They can attack through many different avenues, on many different operating systems and for multiple reasons. With many ways to attack a system, detecting an attack (during or after the fact) is a challenge. We will step in to analyze and provide actionable information to help you remediate the malicious code.

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