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CHJ's Reseller Programme seeks to partner with regional and global IT solution providers in the market. Expand and tap onto the opportunities to provide value-added services that are easy to set up with your clients.
Valued Business Partner
Tapping onto the experience and expertise of CHJ Technologies and its extensive network to provide you with the best opportunities in the market.
Superior Value Proposition
We ensure that we offer only the best in the industry and nothing less. The Unique Value Propositions of our solutions and services make us stand out in the competitive environment.
Augmented Offerings
Tap onto unexplored segments to better cater to the needs of your customers by increasing your range of product offerings.
Fast and Implementation
Fast and easy to setup with no additional hardware or software requirements to speed up your service to market.
Increase your margins
Our reseller programme is suited for all business from small to big enterprises interested in expanding and reaching out to new opportunities.
Scalable for all businesses
Seizing this opportunity in having a new source of revenue in this ever-growing cybersecurity industry.

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