The prevalence of spear phishing and fraud

Today, traditional spam filters and even advanced email protection tools are insufficient in providing the necessary protection against phishing emails. Spear phishing is the most common and successful tactic used by malicious actors in targeted attacks to obtain sensitive information.

Research has shown that 53.2% of all emails are spams and all employees are possible targets and victims of spear phishing attacks. With the potential leak of personal identification details, passwords and company-related sensitive data, employees must be trained and conditioned on how to recognize and report phishing attacks.

Of all cyber-attacks accounts
for Spear Phishing.
of all attacks on enterprise network gained access through spear phishing attacks.
of companies have conducted training to protect against spear phishing attacks.

Security Awareness Training Program

Through our fully managed Security Awareness Training Program, managing the total problem from detection to mitigation is the key objective. Our ultimate goal is to change behavior through social engineering so that employees will be accustomed to detect possible phishing emails and to report them.
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Social Engineering

Our Security Awareness Training Program is designed to address and change employee behavior with animated video based monthly training.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

In order to measure employee behavior changes through our email phishing platform, we will launch phishing emails to your designated population on a quarterly basis. Complete reporting is then provided to you based on the campaigns that were deployed.

External Credential Monitoring

We integrate External Email Credential Monitoring as a metric to assess external exposure of your corporate emails and credentials. Through our External Email Credential Monitoring, you are able to track the succeptibility of email credential leakages over time.

DDoS Protection

Multi-layered DDoS Protection capable of mitigating any type of attack on any website. Multiple scrubbing nodes in New York, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Vancouver, and Hong Kong. Read More

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We have developed much of our data from variety of feeds or enriched feeds, which are augmented with this proprietary data. With our web crawlers and data aggregation technology along with our operative team, we leverage to source compromised data and credentials. Read More

Malware Intelligence

Our Network Intelligence covers over 100 million Infected Hosts. Our huge database also consists of monitoring and tracking down Vulnerable Hosts which include SSL Heartbleed, Shellshock, Juniper Backdoor, Uploaded Web-shells, Malicous FTPs, and many more. We also have a complete Malware Library with access to millions of malware hashes and active Sandboxes. Read More

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